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Young and Displaced --  A Multinational Look at Youth on Their Own, as Refugees, on the Run, and in Need of Help

Childhood and adolescence are supposed to be times to play, grow, and explore in peace. But for countless millions of young people around the globe, their early years are plagued by war, conflict, extreme poverty, disease, abuse, and other woes.

Many children and youth -- abroad and here, with their families or unaccompanied -- flee their toxic surroundings, hoping to find new homes elsewhere and create new lives. With a panel of experts whose knowledge spans the globe, this forum will plumb the experiences of vulnerable youth who are displaced or on the move and examine ways to protect them, sparking an overdue exchange on policy lessons from America and abroad.  video link


Immigration Migration and Urbanization Voice Over Powerpoint

A powerpoint with voice about immigration, migration and urbanization in the U.S. from around 1860 till 1920. video link

Migration News- UC Davis

Migration News is produced with the support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and UCB Institute of European Studies. Read newsletter