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Water Quality Standards for Surface Waters-US EPA


EPA Search Results for Nuclear Waste-US EPA


Assessment Tools for Environmental Compliance/U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)


Fish Consumption Advisories- US EPA


Fish Consumption Advisories - Technical Information-US EPA


AirData-US Environmental Protection Agency


Occupational Safety and Health Administration


OSHA's Statistics & Data Page


The Guardian- Environment


K-State Research and Extension- Natural Resources and Environment


Local Government Environmental Assistance Network


Air Pollutants- United States Environmental Protection Agency


Climate Change Responses that Strengthen Rural Communities- The Ford Foundation

The majority of the world's poor live in rural areas that face severe vulnerability to the threats posed by climate change. Sustainable land and resource management can contribute to mitigating climate change, while improving livelihoods of rural populations, particularly indigenous groups and ethnic minorities. Link

Train Derailment and Oil Spill Into Clark Fork River in Montana- By Jane Nakad

Oil spills can be damaging to the environment and expensive to clean up. Oil spills can result in bad publicity for the responsible company and ill will from the community in which they occur. Link

Ground Water and Drinking Water

Major storms and other types of incidents can be highly disruptive for water systems. Learn what water consumers can do to protect their water and what utility operators can do to protect their drinking water and wastewater systems. Link

Science Notebook: Asthma

Asthma affects more than 23 million Americans, including an estimated seven million children. Tour the three sections below to discover EPA's coordinated effort to reduce the burden of asthma. Link