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Moyers & Company: Wendell Berry, Poet and Prophet- Films.com

In this edition of Moyers & Company, Bill speaks with Wendell Berry—a passionate environmental advocate, a man of the land, and one of America’s most influential writers—about Berry’s views on civil disobedience, his strong opposition to agribusiness and massive industrial farms, and his support for sustainable farming and the local food movement... Video Link

Bill Moyers Journal: Farm Subsidies and America’s Hungry- Films.com

As food prices skyrocket and millions go hungry in America, why are tax dollars being spent on farmers who don’t farm? Teaming up with the PBS series Exposé: America’s Investigative Reports, Bill Moyers Journal sheds light on more than $15 billion in “wasteful, unnecessary, or redundant expenditures” that have flowed from Washington to America’s farmers... Video Link

Moyers & Company: Fighting for Farm workers- Films.com

Despite miracles of agricultural progress and innovation over the decades, the harsh lives and working conditions of migrant laborers have changed very little. Their cause has been championed in the past by Edward R. Murrow, Cesar Chavez, and the United Farm Workers, but that list is incomplete without Baldemar Velásquez...Video Link