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DARESALAM- California Newsreel

The first African feature film to focus on the civil wars convulsing the continent from Sierra Leone to Somalia. It provides compelling insights into how ordinary people around the world get swept up in extraordinary events. Its timeless story of two childhood friends turned into political foes personalizes the terrible costs of internecine strife... Video


Dramatization and documentary trace Fanon's intellectual development. Cultural critics position his pioneering studies of the psychological impact of racism on the colonized and colonizer alike.. Video


The life and legacy of Patrice Lumumba, one of the legendary figures of modern Africa's struggle for self-determination, is reconstructed and examined through home movies, photographs, old newsreels and interviews with Belgian journalists and Lumumba's own daughter.. Video

Africa Dreaming- California Newsreel

An anthology of four dramatic shorts that explore the theme of love in Africa... Video

ALL ABOUT DARFUR- California Newsreel

A Sudanese immigrant to the UK returns to her homeland to understand why the seemingly racially harmonious country of her memories has become the scene of one of the worst instances of ethnic cleansing in recent history. What she discovers is that race may be too crude a concept to understand the crisis of Darfur... Video

LIBERIA: AN UNCIVIL WAR- California Newsreel

This exciting documentary provides an in-depth, case study of one of the bloody civil wars springing up like brush fires across Africa. An intrepid duo of reporters covers the war from either side though neither side can be said to represent anyone but itself. The film indicts the U.S. for its failure to come to the aid of a country to which it helped give birth... Video

Up in Smoke: Can Slash-and-Burn Agriculture Be Replaced?- Films.com

After 25 years of research, scientist Mike Hands has perfected a sustainable farming technique called alley cropping to replace slash-and-burn agriculture in equatorial rainforests... Video Link

Industrial and Sustainable Farming- Films.com

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing the agricultural industry today is feeding the world’s rapidly growing population while also caring for the environment. At the center of the challenge is the tension between sustainable and more mainstream industrial farming practices... Video Link

Sumatra: Paper Tiger—A Deforestation Crisis- Films.com

Having witnessed land clearing firsthand in Africa and South America, tropical biologist Bill Laurance thought he had seen everything—the worst that deforestation has to offer. But, as he explains in this eye-opening program, what has been allowed to happen on the Indonesian island of Sumatra amounts to “ecological Armageddon." Video Link

Environmental Impacts and Sustainability: Issues in Globalization- Films.com

Dhaka is the center of a large textile industry and a significant contributor to Bangladesh’s economy, but the waste it generates is causing big problems: local residents must vie with factories for access to energy and clean water, but manufacturers are reluctant to implement expensive pollution controls... Video Link

Can the Gulf Survive? National Geographic Explorer- Films.com

With cutting-edge science and never-before-seen footage, this episode of Explorer goes deep inside the world of British Petroleum to uncover what really happened to the 4.9 million barrels of crude released into the Gulf of Mexico... Video Link

Madagascar: Agro-Ecology- Films.com

Illegal deforestation, slash-and-burn practices, poverty, land disputes—these are among the many problems associated with farming in Madagascar. This program guides viewers through the real-world challenges of building sustainable agriculture in the country... Video Link

The Toxins Return: How Industrial Poisons Travel the Globe- Films.com

In an era of high-speed international commerce, safety standards and import inspection procedures are riddled with loopholes. The result? Quantities of dangerous substances found in goods manufactured overseas have risen dramatically... Video Link

No Colors: Racism and Prejudice in Modern Europe- Films.com

Racial tension has become a politically explosive and socially divisive threat to stability in the European Union. This program looks at the racism and xenophobia brought to the surface by a massive influx of foreign workers and job-seekers into Western Europe... Video Link

The Al Qaeda Code: Internet Video and the Radicalization of Muslim Youth- Films.com

The Internet is the new training ground for terrorist organizations—a readily accessible, globally distributed broadcasting platform for recruitment, indoctrination, and instructional videos... Video Link

Africa: A Journey Through Hell- Films.com

Every year, thousands of people fleeing poverty in Ethiopia and Somalia hire smugglers to ferry them across the Gulf of Aden to look for work, but nearly half don’t survive the three-day passage... Video Link

Economic Gaps: Globalization—A Real-World View- Films.com

Welcome to Beverly Hills, California, where some of America’s wealthiest citizens have created their own personal versions of paradise. But don’t get too comfortable—this program whisks viewers off to Mexico City and Lilongwe, Malawi, as well, showing how different life can be in all three parts of the world and how globalization has amplified the economic gaps between them... Video Link

Sick Around the World- Films.com

Four in five Americans say the health care system needs fundamental change. Can the U.S. learn anything from the rest of the world about how to make medical care and insurance accessible to all? Or are countries with government-run coverage so culturally different from America that their solutions are unworkable here? Video Link

Black in Latin America, with Henry Louis Gates Jr.- Films.com

In a style similar to Wonders of the African World, Skip Gates will travel to places in Latin America where Africa has touched the continent with lasting cultural results to explore what happens when African and Hispanic worlds meet... Video Link

Peace Corps Films

Peace Corps Films is a video and media cooperative. We're a group of filmmakers, musicians, photographers and writers who work together to provide marketing and sales support. Our mission is to empower both RPCV media makers, and producers with an international and inter-cultural focus. We strive to provide enough organization to empower our members, but no bureaucracy to hold them back. Video Link