Center for Applied Research and Public Policy (CARPP)

   Income and Poverty

Made in Asia: Fast, Cheap, and Fair?- Films.com

Most industries exploit the advantages of globalization—specifically, low labor costs. Recently, however, major textile manufacturers have come under increasing pressure from fair trade activists and NGOs... Video Link

Slums and Money: A Socioeconomic Analysis- Films.com

Patterns of urbanization and poverty are playing an increasingly heavy role in the debate over globalization and market regulation. In a hard-hitting analysis of the issues, this program assembles a wide-ranging set of opinions from scholars and experts... Video Link

Year by Year: 1929- Films.com

This episode of Year by Year examines 1929, the fateful year that changed the world with the great Stock Market crash... Video Link

Obvious Poverty: America's Homeless- Films.com

Stereotypes tell us it’s easy to spot the homeless—after all, life on the street tends to leave a mark on people. But is a “homeless profile” really meaningful? In today’s economy a man in a business suit might well be living in his car; and besides, to those in society’s upper echelons, homelessness is often invisible... Video link

Poverty in America (6 Parts)- Films.com

Combining scholarly analysis with a human-centered approach, this six-part series looks at the causes and effects of economic hardship in the United States while suggesting ways for society to combat the cycle of poverty... Video link

Moyers & Company: The United States of Inequality- Films.com

The unprecedented level of economic inequality in America is undeniable. This edition of Moyers & Company reports on dismaying extremes of wealth and poverty on display in California’s Silicon Valley... Video Link

Poor Us: An Animated History of Poverty—Why Poverty?- Films.com

Economist Jeffrey Sachs has pointed out that for most of history, “everybody in the world was poor.” As societies grew richer, they formed different attitudes toward poverty... Video link