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   Crime and Criminal Justice

Black Death in Dixie: Racism and the Death Penalty in the United States- Films.com

Challenging viewers to look beyond mainstream media treatment of the death penalty, this program portrays capital punishment as a blunt instrument that disproportionately targets racial minorities and the poor... Video Link

From Prison to Home- Films.com

Ex-convicts face formidable odds, and for African-Americans, conditions are usually even more difficult. This documentary traces the experiences of four black ex-inmates over the course of a year, focusing on their challenges with employment, housing, addiction, and reconnecting with family... Video Link

How to Kill a Human Being: Methods of Execution- Films.com

Is a humane and painless execution method possible, and if so, would death penalty proponents support its use? Or is pain the whole idea? Examining what many see as the cruelty of current procedures, this program searches for a viable alternative... Video Link