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Spartan JEDI Society

Spartan JEDI Society

A First-Year Learning Community

The Spartan JEDI Society Learning Community (LC) will focus on the principles of social Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (JEDI+B). Students will participate in discussions and activities designed to foster an appreciation of the differences and commonalities of Spartans and gain a better understanding of social justice and its impact on society. Students formerly housed within the Society of Spartan Sisters, Men's Initiative, and Spectrum (LGBTQIA+) LCs will be targeted for this Learning Community as the issues impacting JEDI+B are intermingled within these areas. 

  • Students will gain familiarity with JEDI+B definitions and explore the impact on the campus community and society.
  • Students will be actively involved within in JEDI+B activities through service-learning/community service activities.
  • Students will be introduced to the historical context of lived experiences of marginalized populations and be able to articulate how such experiences have impacted the current JEDI+B climate today in the U.S.


  • Fall: ENG 101 & SEM 101

  • Spring: ENG 102 & SEM 102

Contact Information
Rachel Vincitore
Learning Communities Program Specialist

Dyonna Wilson, Spartan JEDI Society Learning Community Coordinator
Diversity Initiatives Coordinator