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Leadership Learning Community

A First-Year Learning Community


The Leadership Learning Community (LC) is open to first-year students of all majors. This LC is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore leadership development and concepts, both in and out of the classroom. Students will live with peers who share an interest in leadership development. Students living in the community will be offered exclusive leadership opportunities to engage with campus and community members and attend outside programs and events.

Leadership Learning Community Goals:

  • To foster a sense of belonging among students in the LC.
  • Engage students in theoretical frameworks which support self-authorship, leadership development, and social change.
  • Provide students with early career exploration, service-learning/civic engagement, and undergraduate research opportunities.
  • Provide academic support, co-curricular activities, and other resources to assist University efforts to increase retention


  • FALL-  ENG 101 College English I    SEM 101 Spartan Seminar
  • SPRING- ENG 102 College English II  SEM 102 Spartan Seminar


Residence Hall 


Contact Information
Dyonna Wilson