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Parking Services

   Disabled Parking

Valid NSU Decal or Pass
ALL individuals utilizing disabled parking privileges on campus MUST posses a valid NSU decal or pass issued by the Office of Parking Services coupled with a valid Handicap license plate and/or placard issued from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Handicap parking is available to individuals with a valid handicap license plate and/or placard issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Placard and License Plate Requirements 
The Office of Parking Services can NOT, under any circumstances, issue handicap parking passes, or authorize parking in handicap areas to those individuals without a handicap placard and/or license plate issued from the DMV.

Displaying Decal or Pass
The license plate or pass must be displayed at the time the vehicle is parked in any designated handicap area or space.  The only person authorized to display current state issued disabled license tags, placards and/or hanging permits, identifying the driver or passenger as disabled will be authorized to park in designated handicap parking spaces or areas.

Parking in a Handicap Space
Handicap spaces are available in any "Reserved", "Faculty/Staff", and/or "Resident Student" parking areas.

**Parking in handicap spaces is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

**Abuse of disabled parking privileges by "non-disabled drivers/passengers is illegal.

**Violators found parked on campus with the illegal display of state issued disabled identification will be subject to ticketing, wheel-lock, tow, forfeiture of parking privileges, or further such appropriate action