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The overarching goal of the faculty development program at Norfolk State University is to provide diverse forms of financial support that will enable the faculty to meet their professional needs and pursue their professional interests.

Currently, funds are available for the following:

Conference/Workshop Attendance
Conference attendance assistance is offered to defray travel costs of faculty attending a conference, presenting scholarly papers, chairing or moderating sessions, or presenting creative work at professional meetings in a faculty member’s discipline or at meetings related to the scholarship of teaching.

New Faculty Release Time Support
The new faculty release time support—a 25 percent reduction in teaching load—is provided to help new faculty members meet their teaching and research goals by giving them a reduction in teaching load during the academic year so they can devote concentrated time and effort to a specific project.

Doctoral Tuition Assistance
Doctoral tuition assistance is to increase the number of doctorally prepared faculty members at the University.  Applicants MUST pursue a doctorate in the discipline in which they are hired to teach.

Summer Research Support
The summer research support is granted to encourage full-time faculty members to engage in research, scholarship, and creative activity that will ultimately lead to enriched professional growth and enhanced student learning outcomes.