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About ESE

According to the Virginia Department of Education, there is a critical shortage of teachers in one or more secondary education content areas. Additionally, the number of teachers of color in the Commonwealth of Virginia is less than 20%, but the student population for the same group within the state is 52% (Report). Research shows that students do better in school when they are taught by teachers “who look like them” (Teach).

Funded by Title III, the Enhancing Secondary Education (ESE) Program was created to sustain a cohesive infrastructure that supports teacher preparation in grades 6-12. Building on the rich history within the School of Education, ESE’s focus is to directly impact the successful preparation of teacher candidates who will meet the demands of the 21st century classroom.

As a response to the present teacher shortage, ESE’s focus is to nurture and support students who choose to serve humanity through careers in secondary education. Ultimately, the preparation and placement of teachers will serve diverse students who deserve a quality, student-centered education.