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13. Graduate Program Requirements

For each sequence, other specific requirements may be necessary based upon review of the credentials of individual students.

Additionally, other candidacy requirements must be met as follows: (1) a plan of study must be prepared with the assistance of and approval by an advisor subsequent to attainment of regular status; (2) candidates should have satisfied all requirements for graduation within four calendar years; (3) candidates must accumulate and maintain from semester to semester, a grade point average of 3.0 or above; (4) candidates must file an application for graduation, adhering to the deadline listed in the University calendar.

The successful and timely completion of all work indicated on the approved plan of study is a fundamental prerequisite to the granting of the degree. Failure to satisfy same might result in a change from regular to probationary status, or dismissal from the program.

The student will be responsible for knowing and meeting the requirements for graduation and fulfilling all such responsibilities as set forth in this publication.