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11. Graduate Academic Regulations -Transfer of Credit/Course Load

A maximum of six (6) credit hours of graduate work at another accredited institution or from other graduate programs at Norfolk State University may be accepted as transfer credit provided that (a) the credits have not previously been used or applied to another degree, (b) the grade earned in the course is “B” (equaling 3.00) or above, and (c) the courses are comparable to those offered in the program to which the applicant is applying: (d) approval is granted by the graduate program area: and (e) the credits were earned within five (5)years prior to registration.

Transfer credits from institutions where the pass/fail grading system prevails will be interpreted as “B” unless the forwarding institution submits, with the transfer credits, a copy of its policies that would justify the interpretation of the transfer credits as otherwise.

Courses taken prior to enrollment or re-enrollment will be reviewed to determine their alignment with current laws, regulations, and effective practice. Courses older than five years will not be accepted. Any requests for course substitutions must be submitted by the student to the advisor at the beginning of the student’s program. Course Load

Course Load

A full-time graduate student enrolled during an academic year is permitted to carry a maximum class load of twelve (12) credit hours per semester and six (6) credit hours during each summer session. To be considered in full-time study, the student must be registered for at least nine (9) credit hours each semester during the academic year. Any departure from these regulations must be approved by the coordinator of Graduate Programs.