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Meet Aaron Evans

Meet Aaron Evans

From Intern to Project Manager

Aaron, a building construction technology major. In July 2006, he was hired as an intern at E. V. Williams, the areas largest commercial site development and highway contracting company located in Virginia Beach. Remarkably, Aaron was promoted from intern to project engineer after only two months. His responsibilities among other things, are to schedule subcontractors, write change orders and submittals, write subcontracts, and continually reviews contracts (no matter how far along the job is). He also verifies payroll, materials and material costs, and attends project review meetings.

Aaron spends about 30-45 minutes per day on various job sites. The road construction job he is currently managing has a price tag of about 12 million dollars. According to Aaron, "On a daily basis, I am dealing with legal, communications, and mathematical issues that I thought I wouldn't see after graduation." "Thanks to everyone at E. V. Williams for all your help, now and in the future." Aaron Evans

Aaron has a few recommendations for prospective interns:

  • Study hard and learn all you can while at Norfolk State University.
  • Learn to help yourself. If you cant help yourself, no one else can help you.
  • Be assertive, but definitely know your limits.
  • During your internship, if you need help or have a question--ASK!!
  • "Remember, for every door that closes on you, another definitely opens..."

If you have an intern or co-op position available or students majoring in Building Construction Technology, Electronics Technology, Computer Information Technology or Architectural Drafting Technology contact one of the people listed below for more information:

Mr. Charles R. Hunt, Internship Coordinator, Department of Technology - Ph: 757-823-8037- crhunt@nsu.edu
Mr. James Tallmadge, Associate Director, Career Services - Student Services Center, Suite 318 - Ph: 757-823-2060