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  Teacher Licensure Endorsement in Physics
Students wishing to pursue a career in teaching must take the following steps:
  • Follow the curriculum for the B.S. degree in Physics.
  • Use the elective hours for professional courses.
  • See the academic advisor in their major department.
  • See the academic advisor in the Department of Secondary Education and School Leadership in the
  • Bozeman Education Building, Room 200.
  • Take the PRAXIS test and make a passing score. (See the School of Education PRAXIS coordinator, JBB 125.)
  • Take the following professional education courses (18 semester hours) plus student teaching (12 semester hours).
First YearCredit Hours
UNI 101Introduction to University Life0
ENG 101Communication Skills I3
MTH 184Calculus I.4
PHY 160University Physics I.4
PHY 160LUniversity Physics Lab I1
HED 100Personal and Comm. Health2
ENG 102Communication Skills II3
MTH 251Calculus II4
PED 100Fund. of Fitness for Life.1
PHY 161University Physics II4
PHY 161LUniversity Physics Lab II1
PHY 100Physical Science3
TOTAL 14 16 30
Second YearCredit Hours
EDU 201Foundations of Education3
PHY 260University Physics III4
CSC 170Computer Programming I3
MTH 252Calculus III4
**Humanities Elective from core3
BIO 110General Biology3
PHY 350Modern Physics3
PHY 351Concepts in Modern Physics1
PHY 241Physics Seminar1
MTH 372Differential Equations3
PHY 345Mathematical Methods for
Physical Sciences I3
TOTAL 17 14 31
Note: Students who have not passed PRAXIS 1 by the end of the third semester must enroll in SED 233, Critical Thinking and Assessment. Students must pass the PRAXIS 1 Exam before taking 300 & 400 level SED courses.
Third YearCredit Hours
CHM 221General Chemistry I.3
CHM 221LGeneral Chemistry Lab I.
PHY 365Mechanics I3
PHY 375Electricity and Magnetism I3
PHY 380Quantum Mechanics I3
PSY 228Developmental Psychology3
SED 405Reading in the Content Areas3
CHM 222General Chemistry II3
HIS 10XSocial Science/History Electives3
SCM 285Principles of Speech3
SOC 101Social Science3
TOTAL 161531
Fourth YearCredit Hours
SED 385Curriculum and Instructional Procedures3
EDU 381Classroom and Behavior Management3
**Humanities Electives from the Core3
* Cultural Elective3
PHY 468Optics3
PHY 498Senior Project I1
SED 499Directed Teaching12
TOTAL 16 12 28
· General Education Requirements40
· Major Requirements53
· Professional Education Requirements15
· Student Teaching/Field Experiences12
Total120 credit hrs.
*Cultural Elective to be selected from the following:
FIA 370, ENG 383, MUS 234, HIS 335, HIS 336, HIS 370, HIS 371, POS 315,
PSY 340, or SOC 237
SED 201American Schools and the Teaching Profession
SED 233Seminar in Assessment and Evaluation
SED 380Foundations of Methods in Secondary Schools
SED 420Educational Technology
SED 486Educational Psychology and Behavior Management
SED 488School/Community Relations
SED 499Directed Teaching and Seminar