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The Department of Mathematics offers the B.S. degree in Mathematics. The curriculum emphasizes two areas: Applied Mathematics and Mathematics with Teacher Certification, for those seeking to teach mathematics in the public schools.

   Curriculum - 2014
pdf.gifApplied Mathematics
 This option provides a strong preparation in mathematics with applications in engineering and the physical sciences. Graduates in this program are qualified as mathematical scientists or engineers for opportunities in industry, government, or graduate school.
pdf.gifApplied Mathematics - DNIMAS
 This program is designed to prepare students to teach mathematics at the secondary school level. Students must apply for admission to teacher education, and admission requirements include passing the PRAXIS I Examination.

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and the Master of Arts in Urban Education (MASAC) degrees are offered through the School of Education with concentrations in mathematics. The School of Education also offers programs of certification to persons with degrees in any of the previously described sequences.

last updated: 02/05/2014