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Preparing Leaders for America's Global Market Norfolk State University was awarded a five year $2.3 million grant from the Office of the Department of National Intelligence (ODNI) in the fall of 2006 to establish an Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence or IC-CAE. The goal of the IC-CAE is to prepare students for leadership positions in government service with a specific emphasis on developing those critical skills necessary to begin a career in the Intelligence Community.

The IC-CAE specifically targets women and racial/ethnic minorities with varied cultural backgrounds, regional and geographical expertise, language proficiency and related competencies. As a Historically Black College/University (HBCU) Norfolk State University is uniquely postured to meet these needs.

Additionally, Norfolk State is especially well-positioned to get into intelligence studies because of its proximity to many major military bases, the headquarters of many intelligence agencies and other special operations training facilities.

 This comprehensive program at Norfolk State University encompasses:

  • Scholarships for language & cultural study abroad
  • Summer internships and co-op opportunities within the intelligence community (IC)
  • Faculty and student research grants
  • Pre-college outreach program
  • Faculty and student mentorship