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 T-CUP Benefits

Special Scholarships

T-CUP scholarships may be used to cover tuition, books and fees. As a learning community, T-CUP is very dedicated to the advancement of the engineering field. Our members are also very sensitive to the needs of our students. Because of this sensitivity, we are very proud to offer special scholarships to allow students to matriculate through any of our five partnering community colleges for an Associate’s degree then transfer to Norfolk State to continue to a Bachelors or Master’s program.

This scholarship is designed to cover tuition, room and board, and books. The following link will take you to the scholarship application page with all requirements and due dates.

Resources:   Scholarships

Dedicated mentors and advisors

The T-CUP program is a family environment meant to empower students in every way possible. Whether it be assistance with a class, or advice on a career path, the T-CUP members provides support and guidance in a variety of ways. T-CUP Fellows serve as peer mentors and advisors for the T-CUP students. Meet our Fellows by going to our Team page.

Resources: The Team

Participation in NSU’s Telecast class initiative

Because of the differing curricula between the community colleges and those at Norfolk State, the T-CUP program is offering classes via video for those that are required by the Norfolk State curriculum, but is not offered at the community colleges. There will also be tutoring offered to ensure that these classes are understood.

Professional Development and Internships

Work experience is essential to the success of our Scholars after graduating. Through T-CUP, Scholars can gain hands-on experiences with leading companies in the engineering industry or research laboratories.

T-CUP Community Service and Outreach

The T-CUP program is centered around scholarship as well as giving back to our community. We ask that our scholars participate in outreach efforts that promote engineering careers and scholastic excellence. This component of the T-CUP program helps our scholars recognize and develop their leadership and communications skills, and it contributes to the strong sense of citizenship that permeates the NSU community.

Upcoming Outreach Events:

- FIRST Tech Challenge
- Saturday Science Workshop
- NanoDays