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Norfolk State University is at the forefront of discovery and innovation! The research that we are conducting on our campus has enormous potential to transform our quality of life and improve the stewardship of our planet. These innovations and advancements in science and technology complement our dedication to producing leaders for America's global market.

Much of our research capabilities are housed in the Marie V. McDemmond Center for Applied Research, which sits across from our main campus. This 128,000 square-foot building is home to several research centers that are expected to generate discoveries that will become commonplace in the marketplace.

The University's research capacity and assets are important to Hampton Roads and the region. Our Class 100/Class 1000 cleanroom provides processing capabilities for regional scientists and researchers as well as the opportunity to develop partnerships with private industry, laboratories and universities. Norfolk State University's work on solar cell technology will help with energy conservation and could lead to less dependence on fossil fuels.


Center for Biotechnology & Biomedical Sciences


Biotechnology embraces all technologies and techniques that are inspired by, developed from, or used in plats, animals, or microbes. It employs diverse processes such as fermentation (production of useful compounds in liquid cultures of bacteria or fungi), bioengineering of pest-resistant plants, development of assays to detect organic molecules such as pregnancy hormones or anabolic steroids, vaccine production, sequencing of orgainsmal genomes, manipulation of genes and gene products, and the development of sophisticated instrumentation. Biotechnology is used to make synthetic skin to treat burn victims, to detoxify inductrial waste, to leach metals at mining sites, to design biologically safe pesticides, to understand the roles played by biological molecules, to produce new pharmaceuticals, and innumerable other fascinating and challenging endeavors.


Center for Materials Research

biotechnologyThe Center for Materials Research (CMR) focuses on the creation of materials with unique quantum or photonic properties and nano-structures to address the demands of information technology, communication, remote sensing, and the production of renewable clean energy. The center conducts cutting edge research in well-equipped facilities in areas of crystal growth and nanotechnology, polymer processing and thin film deposition, nonlinear optics and laser design, optical spectroscopy and magnetic resonance. CMR faculty members help shape and mentor the next generation of scientist and researchers. They are dedicated to furthering knowledge in their respective disciplines. Our world renowned researchers focus on research problems of fundamental and practical importance in photonics and spin electronics, and make substantive efforts to cooperate with other universities, industry, and government laboratories.


Information Assurance Center of Excellence

information assuranceInformation assurance (IA) is the practice of assuring information and managing risks related to the use, processing, storage, and transmission of information or data and the systems and processes used for those purposes. While focused dominantly on information in digital form, the full range of IA encompasses not only digital but also analog or physical form.





Micro and Nano Technology Center (MiNaC)

minacThe application of scientific and technical advances in life science to develop commercial products is biotechnology. Biotechnology draws on the pure biological sciences (genetics, microbiology, animal cell culture, molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology, cell biology) and in many instances it is also dependent on knowledge and methods from outside the sphere of biology (chemical engineering, bi- process engineering, information technology, bio-robotics).




Creative Gaming and Simulation

creative gaming and simulationThe Creative Gaming and Simulation Lab (CGS) is a state-of-the-art research center for the research and development of game based, interactive web-based, and interactive training solutions for education, industry, and government. Research at CGS is in the area of Modeling and Simulation with the emphasis on K-16 educational applications. The center offers workshop opportunities in animation and gaming to high school and college students and faculty.