Micro- and Nano-technology Center Cleanroom

College of Science, Engineering, and Technology

Micro- and Nano-technology Center Cleanroom



Capabilities and Equipment

Download a listing of the MiNaC Processes and Capabilities

minac equipment photo

Thin Film Deposition

Thermal and E-beam Evaporators: Deposition of metallic layers
DC and RF Sputterers: Deposition of metallic and dielectric layers
PECVD: Deposition of nitrides and oxides

Thermal Processing

Furnaces: Thermal oxidation and material curing
RTP: Rapid thermal annealing and low temperature growth processes
Ovens: Heating and curing of materials


Wet processing benches: Wet chemical etching, cleaning, and deposition processes
Reactive Ion Etch and Inductively Coupled Plasma Systems: Dry etching of thin films


Mask aligner: Micro-level patterning of devices using optical lithography
E-beam Lithography: Nano-patterning of devices
Spinners/hotplates: Spin casting and curing of photo-resist and polymer films

Metrology and Testing

Ellipsometry: Thickness and optical property measurements
Profilometry: Thickness measurements
Probe Station: Testing of devices


Chemical Mechanical Polisher: Planarization of wafers using chemical and mechanical methods