IA-REDI | Information Assurance - Research, Education, and Development Institute


IA-REDI Facilities


MCAR 613

The home of IA-REDI, has a lab of thirty PCs with comprehensive cybersecurity materials installed. The cybersecurity tools installed are the most common ethical hacking and digital forensics software. Some of the tools include EnCase, Autopsy/Sleuthkit, Cain and Abel, John the Ripper, WireShark and OllyDbg. Classes that utilize MCAR 613 are CSC 435 and CSC 635.


Digital Forensics Lab
MCAR 502

The Digital Forensics Laboratory, has two popular mobile forensics equipment (Paraben, Cellebrite, CellDEK TEK) and host forensics tools including (EnCase, FTK, Autopsy/Sleuthkit and P2 Commander).


Information Security Lab
RTC 300, RTC 304

The Information Security Laboratory, with equipment in RTC 300, RTC 304 and Computer Science Server Room, is a state-of-the-art facility designed to support student learning and research in network security, cloud computing and big data. For network security experimentation, this lab is equipped with Cisco Networking Academy curriculum and equipment including: (a) nine Cisco Integrated Service Routers configured with Advanced Security (e.g., firewall, intrusion detection/prevention systems, and VPN), Wireless, and VoIP feature packages; (b) six Cisco Catalyst Ethernet switches with VLAN and port security features; and (c) sixteen PC’s loaded with VMware software for running multiple VMs of different operating systems on each physical PC.


Big Data
RTC 300, RTC 304

The “Production” Hadoop Cluster is comprised of 12 data nodes and 5 master nodes with a total of 408 Intel Xeon 64-bit Cores, 1.4 TB RAM, and 312 TB hard disk storage. Two high-performance 10/40 Gb switches are used to connect the nodes within the cluster and the outside. The “Integration and Test” Hadoop Cluster is comprised of 5 nodes with a total of 120 Xeon 64-bit Cores, 640 GB RAM, and 18 TB hard disk storage.

The “Production” Cloud Computing System is comprised of four servers with a total of 64 Xeon 64-bit Cores, 1 TB RAM, and 30 TB hard disk storage. The “Integration and Test” Cloud Computing System is comprised of an enterprise-grade server (16 Xeon 64-bit Cores, 512 GB RAM, and 438 GB hard disk storage), one iSCSI SAN (7.2 TB hard disk storage), and two departmental-level servers (24 Xeon 64-bit Cores, 256 GB RAM, and 1.2 TB hard disk storage total). For learning, research, and development, there are additional servers (4), workstations (13), and PC’s (8) configured to support three developmental Hadoop clusters and two cloud computing systems. A third high-performance 10/40 Gb switch and two additional 1/10 Gb switches are used to provide 1 Gb+ connectivity for the equipment in the lab.

Overall, there is approximately 630 Xeon-64 bit Cores, 3.8 TB RAM, and 370 TB hard disk storage available in this high-performance computing lab, representing an investment of over $600,000


NDG Netlab+

The Netlab+ environment is accessible from anywhere via a web browser. This environment consists of Dell servers hosting more than 50 virtual labs on ethical hacking and Security+. Students in ITE 211, CSC 313, CSC 420 and CSC 435/535 are are given assignments in Netlab+.


Shared Facilities

IA-REDI also shares some facilities with the Computer Science department. RTC 200 has two networked classrooms that have been used to teach cybersecurity.