IA-REDI | Information Assurance - Research, Education, and Development Institute

Computer Science Graduate Curriculum

Core (Required) Courses
CSC 530 Data Communications
CSC 564 Operating Systems
CSC 625 Analysis of Algorithms
CSC 668 Advanced Computer Architecture
Information Assurance (3 courses must be taken from this list)
CSC 535 Computer Security I (Required)
CSC 635 Computer Security II
CSC 650 Cryptography
CSC 760 Secure Software Development
CSC 765 Advanced Topics in Information Assurance
Communications Network (These 3 courses must be taken)
CSC 530 Data Communications (Core-Required)
CSC 630 Computer Networks
CSC 730 Optical Networks
Waiver: If a student has already taken one of the above courses at the undergraduate level and earned a B+ or above, s/he may ask the Graduate Director for a waiver of that core requirement. Any waiver will not allow credit to be granted for such a course; the student will be required to take the requisite number of credits for the degree.