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Center for Materials Research

Laboratory: Development of Nano-structured Materials and Multi-Layered Thin Films

Dr Gavrilenko

Dr. Aswini Pradhan

Professor of Engineering

MCAR 523, Norfolk State University
700 Park Ave., Norfolk, VA 23504
Phone:(757) 823-2239
Fax: (757) 823-9054
Email: apradhan@nsu.edu

Research on nano-scale and nano-structured materials with emphasis on synthesis, processing, characterization, and applications of materials containing true nano-size dimensions or nano-structures that enable novel/enhanced properties or functions is becoming important. We concentrate on continued growth and new challenges in nano-materials, engineering, and nanotechnology, both for application development and for basic research. We also concentrate on growth multi-layered films and their applications in the emerging field of new multifunctional sensors, detectors and lab-on-chip applications.

The research interests of the group include development of magnetic, semiconductor and oxide nanomaterials for various applications in the field of biomedical, opto-electronics and energy. Nano-crystalline films are also grown on lattice mismatched substrates for multifunctional sensing and detection. The other major research interest of the group is the design, characterization and device fabrication of novel optical, electronic and magnetic multi-layers for the development of various sensors, high-density memory, laser diodes etc.

Optical(Opto-elctronic) Materials

Development of Inorganic-organic hybrid solar cells and Inorganic high-performance solar cells-ongoing research. Fabrication and characterization of doped Luminescent rare-earth oxides(nano-particle synthesis and transparent ceramics by vacuum sintering), doped rare-earth based semiconducting materials and photonic nano-crystals, such as CdS, CdSSe and ZnSe Growth and characterization of high-quality doped rare earth oxide luminescent films for display and X-ray imaging applications. Opto-electronics materials: Doped and undoped ZnO films, including n- and p-type, Doped GaN films and Quantum dots. Photo-induced charge carriers in multi-layered films, IR detectors, UV detectors. Development of high-efficiency AgInSe2 solar cells

Electronic and Magnetic Materials

Fabrication and characterization of Magnetic, superconducting materials and multi-ferroics(ceramics, thin films and single crystals using various novel techniques) Nano-crystalline magnetic, electronic and photonic materials, including semiconductors. Development of spintronic materials in the form of films/nano-crystals. Multi-layers for high-k dielectrics and non-conventional oxide-based p-n junctions for LED, such as LSMO/ZnO, BTO (or STO)/p-Si, LSMO/GaN and LSMO/Si. Fabrication and characterization of ferro-electric and piezoelectric materials (ceramics, single crystals, and thin films) for sensor applications.

Nano-structured Materials

Fabrication and characterization of Luminescent rare-earth doped rare-earth and magnetic ion-doped semiconducting nano-composites, ceramics for biochemical tag, detection and display technology. Growth and characterization of magnetic nano-materials in a matrix, exhibiting outstanding self-assembly of nano-particles, coated (with silica/ODA) manganite nano-particles with excellent magnetic properties for biological applications (drug delivery and detection). Growth of Alligned ZnO nanorods for optoelectronic applications, gas sensors, bio sensors and hybrid inorganic-organic solar cells.n Development of Co, Au and Ag nanowires on CdSe/Si, Metamaterials and Semiconductors. Magnetic and luminescent nano-structured composites for Bio-medical applications

Epitaxial, Nano-crystalline Films and Hetero-structures

Growth and characterization of multifunctional colossal magneto-resistive nano-crystalline epitaxial films by UHV-pulsed-laser deposition (PLD) that exhibit outstanding self-assembly of inverted nanocone-like structure on buffered Si (STO/Si) with novel magnetic properties, such as high-density memory, IR detector, X-ray detectors. Remarkable success has been achieved on this growth: Intel has shown intense interest for the technology and funded for further research. Growth and characterization of nano-crystalline and epitaxial rare-earth based luminescent materials by Pulsed-Laser Deposition. Growth and characterization of epitaxial superconducting films for quantum computing Successful growth by PLD and characterization of dilute magnetic semiconductor such as ZnMnO, self-assembled Co:TiO2 nano-crystalline films, and transparent Co:ITO, digitally doped Mn:GaSb films exhibiting ferromagnetism at RT for spintronic applications. Pt/Co/Pt/IrMn multi-layers for memory applications. ZnO-based transparent semiconductors and p-n junctions: Remarkable success Growth of Piezo-optic Er:ZnO films for lasers and 1.54 mm emission used for telecommunication: Tremendous success has been achieved- International collaboration Growth and characterization of ZnO and doped ZnO wide-band gap semiconductor by Magnetron RF sputtering, GaMnN by e-beam and Molecular Beam Epitaxy(MBE). Growth of magnetic and noble metal nano-crystalline films in a dielectric/semiconducting matrix. Growth of CdS, CdSe, CdSSe, ZnSe and their transition metal ion doped nano-crystals on Si, quartz and sapphire