College of Science, Engineering, and Technology

Center for Materials Research

CMR Grants

Department of Defense

  • Research and Education in Development of Multifunctional Sensors and MEMS Devices, 06/2011-05/2014, PI: Dr. Messaoud Bahoura
  • Center of Excellence for Advanced Nanomaterials & Devices (CEAND), 2011-2016, PI: Dr. Aswini Pradhan, 2011-2016
  • Air Force Research Laboratory UTC 10-S567-001502C4, PI: Mikhail Noginov
  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research, FA9550-09-1-0456, PI: Dr. Mikhail Noginov
  • Army Research Office, Novel Polymers for High Efficiency Renewable and Portable Power, 5/2011-04/2014, PI: Sam Sun

Department of Energy

  • Cost Effective Polymer Solar Cells Research and Education, 09/2010-08/2014, PI: Dr. Sam Sun

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

  • Development of In-vivo Neural Sensing Systems based on Nano-Plasmonic Field Enhancement, 7/1/2013-6/30/2016, PI: Dr. Hargsoon Yoon
  • The NASA Science and Technology Institute, Development of an Integrated Microfluidic Ion-specific Carbon Nanofiber Array Electrode Biosensor for Point-of-care Clinical Diagnostics, 10/2011-09/2014, PI: Dr. Govindaran Ramesh
  • Optical Neural Sensing using a Micro-Spectrometer in the Rat Brain, 3/1/2012-2/28/2014, PI: Dr. Hargsoon Yoon

National Institute of Health

  • R01: Limbic Modulation of Stress-Induced Alterations in Sleep, 9/1/2013-8/31/2018, Co-Investigator: Dr. Hargsoon Yoon

National Science Foundation

  • CREST Center for Nano and Bio-inspired Materials & Devices, 10/1/2010-9/30/2015, PI: Dr. Aswini Pradhan.
  • Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training in Magnetic and Nanostructured Materials, 07/2011-06/2015, PI: Dr. Suely Black
  • Partnership for Research and Education in Materials, DMR-1205457, PI: Mikhail Noginov
  • Major Research Instrumentation, Acquisition of an Electron-Beam Lithography System for Advanced Engineering Applications and Integration, 2010-2013, PI: Aswini Pradhan
  • Center for Integrated Access Networks, Engineering Research Center, 09/2008-08/2016, PI: Dr. Frances Williams
  • MRI Consortium: Acquisition of an Integrative System of Instruments for Multichannel Biopotential Recording of In-Vitro and In-Vivo Experiments, 9/1/2013-8/31/2015, PI: Dr. Hargsoon Yoon
  • Collaborative Research: Developing a Student Learning Strategy to Bridge Virtual Learning and Hands-on Activity in Multidisciplinary Organic Transistor, 9/1/2013-8/31/2015, PI: Dr. Hargsoon Yoon