College of Science, Engineering, and Technology

Center for Materials Research

CMR Faculty

Bahoura, M. J. Associate Professor of Engineering Multifunctional thin films
High-dielectric materials
Black, Suely M. Professor of Chemistry Electronic structure modeling for
optoelectronic properties
Bonner, Carl Professor of Chemistry
Graduate Coordinator
Non-linear optical properties of organic polymers, lasers
Noginov, Mikhail Professor of Physics Optical spectroscopy, nonlinear optics, nanoplasmonics, lasers
Noginova, Natalia Associate Professor of Physics Magnetic resonance and spin relazation in solid-state systems
Pradhan, Aswini K. Professor of Engineering Design and synthesis of nanocrystalline, epitaxial and multilayered films for device applications
Rakhimov, Rakhim Professor of Chemistry Organic and organoelement free radicals, and reduction/oxidation processes
Ramesh, Govindarajan Professor of Biology Nano/ Bio-materials
Song, Kyo Professor and Chair of Engineering Optical material science and engineering
Microwave biomaterial interaction
Sun, Sam-Shajing Professor of Chemistry
Asst. Director of CMR
Design, synthesis, processing, characterization, and modeling of novel supra-molecular polymer for optoelectronics
Temple, Doyle Professor of Physics Material synthesis
Lasr spectroscopy
Yoon, Hargsoon Associate Professor of Engineering Biomedical materials
Neural sensing nano-electronic materials and devices
System integration for implantable sensing