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  Biotechnology Faculty
Dr. Joseph C. Hall, Professor of Chemistry ~ Center Director
Department of Chemistry
Room WSB 220
Email: jchall@nsu.edu 
Phone: 757-823-8675

Dr. Sacharia Albin , Professor & Chair, Department of Engineering
Department of Engineering
Email: salbin@nsu.edu 
Phone: 757-823-2843

Dr. Wondwossen Arasho, Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Email: wdarasho@nsu.edu 
Phone: 757-823-8604

Dr. Suely M. Black, Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Room WSB 224D
Email: smblack@nsu.edu 
Phone: 757-823-8403

Dr. Clinton Copeland
Department of Chemistry
Room WSB 220
Email: clcopeland@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-2473

Dr. Ashley N. Haines, Assistant Professor of Biology

Department of Biology
Room WSB 200F
Email: anhaines@nsu.edu 
Phone: 757-823-2477
Dr. Katrina Hall-Patrick, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Room WSB 326A
Email: khpatrick@nsu.edu 
Phone: 757-823-2031
Dr. Ronald C. Jones, Professor of Allied Health
Department of Allied Health
Room NAD 114
Email: rjones@nsu.edu 
Phone: 757-823-9430

Dr. Ravi P. Joshi, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Old Dominion University - ECSB #132
Email: rjoshi@odu.edu 
Phone: 757-683-4827

Dr. Innocent M. Ononiwu
Elizabeth City State University
Elizabeth City NC 27909
Email: imononiwu@mail.ecsu.edu
Phone: 252-33-8520

Dr. Aswini Pradhan
Center for Materials Research
Email: apradhan@nsu.edu
Phone: 757-823-2239

Dr. Govindarajan Ramesh, Professor of Biological Sciences (1992).
Associate Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Department of Biology
Email: gtramesh@nsu.edu 
Phone: 757-823-8951

Dr. Eduardo A. Socolovsky, Bioinformatics and Computational Science Coordinator (2008).
Center for Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences
Email: easocolovsky@nsu.edu 
Phone: 757-823-2327