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  Minor in Biology

Completion of a minor requires that a student earn a C (2.0) or better in each of the required courses.  Substitutions are not possible for core courses.  

   Core Courses
  BIO 110 General Biology3 credit hours
  BIO 110L General Biology Lab1 credit hours
  BIO 160 General Zoology3 credit hours
  BIO 160L General Zoology Lab1 credit hours
  BIO 161 General Botany3 credit hours
  BIO 161L General Botany Lab1 credit hours
  Total16 credit hours
   Additional Course Options (3-6 credit hours)
  BIO 253 Human Physiology3 credit hours
  BIO 272 Human Anatomy3 credit hours
  BIO 272L Human Anatomy Lab1 credit hours
  BIO 278 Cell Biology3 credit hours
  BIO 278L Cell Biology Lab1 credit hours
  BIO 310 General Microbiology3 credit hours
  BIO 310L General Microbiology Lab3 credit hours
  BIO 351 Genetics3 credit hours
  BIO 351 Genetics Lab1 credit hours
  BIO 4xx  -   BIO 459, 461, 469, 474, 495 or 4993 credit hours
  BIO 4xx  -    LBIO 459L, 461L, 469L, 474L, 495L or 499L1 credit hours
  Total3-6 credit hours
  Total Credit Hours Required19-21 credit hours