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  Biology 1 - B.S. in Biology Catalog Year 2013-2016

Enables majors to pursue graduate degrees with an option for employment at the bachelor level.

First Year
BIO 110 General Biology and Lab I4credit hours
BIO 111 General Biology and Lab II4credit hours
ENG 101 Communication Skills I3credit hours
ENG 102 Communication Skills II3credit hours
HED 100 Personal & Community Health2credit hours
Social Science: Select from HIS 100, POS 100 or SOC 1103credit hours
IUL 101 Introduction to University Life3credit hours
MTH 151 College Algebra3credit hours
MTH 153 College Algebra and Trigonometry3credit hours
PED 100 Fundamentals of Fitness for Life1credit hour
Total Credit Hours29credit hours
BIO 260 General Zoology and Lab4credit hours
BIO 261 General Botany and Lab4credit hours
BIO 271 Ecology or Bio 278 Cell Biology or BIO 350 Parasitology and Lab4credit hours
CHM 221 General Chemistry I3credit hours
CHM 222 General Chemistry II3credit hours
CHM 221L General Chemistry I Lab1credit hour
CHM 222L General Chemistry II Lab1credit hour
CSC 150 Computer Literacy or CSC 200 Advanced Computer Concepts3credit hours
XXX 111 Introduction to French, Spanish, German or Arabic3credit hours
XXX 112 Introduction to French, Spanish, German or Arabic3credit hours
SCM 285 Principles of Speech3credit hours
ENG 299 Writing Competency Exam0credit hours
Total Credit Hours32credit hours
Third Year
BIO 263 Vertebrate Embryology and Lab4credit hours
BIO 270 Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates and Lab4credit hours
BIO 310 General Microbiology and Lab4credit hours
CHM 321 Organic Chemistry I3credit hours
CHM 321L Organic Chemistry I Lab2credit hours
CHM 322 Organic Chemistry II3credit hours
CHM 322L Organic Chemistry II Lab2credit hours
PHY 152 General Physics3credit hours
PHY 152L General Physics Lab1credit hours
PHY 153 General Physics3credit hour
PHY 153L General Physics Lab1credit hour
XXX Cultural Elective 1*3 
Total Credit Hours33credit hours
Fourth Year
BIO 351 Principles of Genetics and Lab4credit hours
BIO 364 Seminar and Colloquium in Biology1credit hours
BIO 459 General Physiology and Lab4credit hours
BIO 474 Molecular Biology3credit hours
BIO 474L Molecular Biology Lab2credit hours
BIO 495 Biostatistics3credit hours
Humanitites Elective**3credit hours
Cultural Elective 2*3credit hours
Non-Restricted Electives3credit hours
Total Credit Hours26credit hours

 *HIS 335 or HIS 336 or MUS 234 or HRP 320 or ENG 383 

 **FIA 201 or MUS 301 or ENG 207

Summary of Graduation Requirements
General Education Requirements42credit hours
Major Requirements54credit hours
Electives9credit hours
Other Requirements15credit hours
Total120credit hours