Online Bachelor of Science Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management



One out of eleven workers worldwide is in hospitality or a related field (World Travel and Tourism Council, 2014). With increases in disposable income, more leisure time and a greater awareness and interest in tourism attractions and other cultures, both within country and abroad (due in no small part by virtual exploration via the Internet), more and more people are travelling every year. That means more opportunities for hospitality management jobs in companies and organizations which serve travelers' needs.

Online Program

The B. S. in Tourism and Hospitality ONLINE is designed to focus on those business disciplines necessary to advance one’s career in this dynamic and growing field. The online delivery of the courses is by hospitality educators who are current or former industry executives and business owners. The online format allows you to complete the BS degree from any location as long as you have Internet access and the minimum hardware/software and connection requirements.


Once accepted to the University, you would enroll in the program as part of a cohort class which will progress through the curriculum by taking 15-16 credit hours per semester for a total of 121 credits over eight semesters, according to the courses offered each semester as set forth on the curriculum.