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Copy Management

Copy Management FAQ's 

1.   I am a new employee. How do I obtain access Xerox Fleet Copiers?

All new employees should complete the top portion of the New User Form in order to access the Multifunctional Printer.  Completed forms must be sent to to complete the authorization process Before accessing the copier. Click here to access form

2.   If I am transferring to another department, how do I continue to have access to the Fleet Copiers?

All employees who have transferred departments should complete the bottom portion of the Copier User Form to include your old budget code and new budget code.  Completed forms must be sent to .  Click here to access form.

3.  How do I print to campus copiers from a workstation?

The Xerox copiers have a feature called "Find me Print".  this feature secures and holds your print job until you release the job for retrieval by tapping your card at the copier.

4.  The paper tray is set to the wrong size paper.  How do i change the paper size setting?

If your print job does not release after it is sent to the copier, make sure the paper tray is set for the correct size paper.  In most cases the tray should be set for Letter (8 1/2 X 11) or Legal (11 X 14).  

To confirm the paper size setting in a tray :

(a)  Open the paper tray drawer, check paper is in it and close the drawer.

(b) a message will display on the copier showing the paper tray setting.  If it is correct, hit "confirm" and the job will print.  

(c) If the paper size is incorrect, click on the paper size displayed.  A selection menu will come up - select the proper size then hit confirm.  The tray will now be properly set for future prints.

5.  How do I order toner or request copier service?

  1. To place a service request: call 757.497.8088, follow the prompts
  2. To order toner or supplies: call 757.497.8088, follow the prompts
  3. Visit

        * click  on drop down menu Support

        *  Click on Service Request or Order Supplies.  Please have the model and ESI Equipment ID number available.

        *   Retain the service call and/or supply reference number for future reference.