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Student Council

Student Council/Shared Governance

Objective: Graduate Student Leadership Development and Shared Governance

PREM participating institutions have representation in Student Council.

Their major responsibilities include:

  • To organize outreach events
  • To coordinate ongoing student research seminars
  • To organize activities for annual PREM retreats

The Student Seminar Series offers a forum where students participate in sharing their research work with the group at regular meetings.

Outreach events, along with the research seminars, are coordinated and delivered by students, with faculty input and support.

Current Members

  • Heather Ferguson, (Michigan University), Chairperson
  • Nate Kinsey, (Purdue University), Student Seminars
  • Vanessa Peters, (Norfolk State University), Outreach Activities
  • Vincent Rono, (Norfolk State University), Retreat Planning
  • Quincy Leon Williams, (Norfolk State University), Communication