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Meta-PREM Projects

Currently Active Projects

(Defined in 2013)

  1. Ultra-fast and ultra-strong gain in metamaterials (with Cornell).
  2. Parametric amplification of Surface Plasmon Polaritons (with U Michigan).
  3. Plasmon-electron and electron-plasmon coupling and control (partly with U Michigan).
  4. Nanostructured plasmonic materials: from bottom up (with Cornell and now with U Michigan).
  5. Control of classical and quantum phenomena with hyperbolic metamaterials (partly with Purdue).
  6. Linear and nonlinear properties of TiN – non-metallic plasmonic material (with Purdue).

 Emerging Research Projects

(Extension of current projects)

  1. Tunable hyperbolic metamaterials (with Cornell; PREM / IGERT collaboration).
  2. “Bottom up” plasmonic components: layer by layer films (with U Michigan).
  3. Hyperbolic metasurfaces (with Purdue).