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Throughout human history, new materials have played a pivotal role in the development of technologies and the progress of whole civilizations. Terms such as Stone AgeBronze Age, or Silicon Valley underscore the defining societal impact that the discovery or harnessing of a new material can foment. The beginning of the 21st Century coincided with the invention of an entirely new materials platform – metamaterials (MMs) – engineered multi-phase composite materials containing subwavelength inclusions with rationally designed shapes, sizes, and orientations, which exhibit unparalleled responses to electromagnetic waves.

The vision of Meta-PREM--Partnership for Research & Education in Materials--is to become the world’s leader in understanding, controlling and utilizing fundamental physical properties of active and hyperbolic MMs. An ambitious education and outreach program will make the Partnership one of the key players in the development of a new generation of scientists and engineers, in particular from underrepresented minority groups, specializing in MMs.

Meta-PREM will leave a legacy in (i) Development of the fundamental science of active and hyperbolic MMs and their technological platform, (ii) Training a generation of a diverse workforce knowledgeable in MMs and their applications, and (iii) Advancing NSU’s Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering.