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Summer Internship Hosted at NSU

Dr. Jonathan Graham and Dr. Cheryl Hinds facilitated an 8 week Summer internship for students from Voorhees College, Benedict College, Claflin University, South Carolina State University The University of the Virgin Islands and Norfolk State University. The students worked in groups on several digital forensics projects as detailed below.

  • Challenge Image –  Angie Estien, Rhonda Forbes, Thalia Guadalupe (University of the Virgin Islands)
  • Mobile Forensics – K’Torez Whetstone (Voorhees College), Arl Polydore (University of the Virgin Islands), Kelrianna Sistrunk (Benedict)
  • Digital Forensics – Akeem Wilkins, Marty Everett, Trever Armstrong (Norfolk State University)
  •  Forensics Case Studies – Jamarcus Glenn (South Carolina State), Melvin Jackson Jr (Voorhees College), Jonathan Mott (Claflin University), David James (Voorhees College)
  •  Malware Deploy –  Austin Alexander (Claflin University), Devonte Bethea (Claflin University), Marlin Prince (Norfolk State University)

In addition, students developed a virtual machine network, learnt Python and Linux as a part of a professional development seminar. The internship ran from May 30th until July 20th.