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Cybersecurity 2015 Summer Internship Program at NSU

The COE and NSU successfully completed the first Cybersecurity Summer Internship Program with six interns: three supported by the COE project and three by the DoE-sponsored Consortium project. The interns supported by the COE project included one student each from NSU, TSU, and Allen University. The internship program took place from June 1 through July 24, 2015. Students were exposed to the elements of the CASE-V system. Specifically, they were introduced to machine learning techniques, statistical distributions and random number generation, modeling and simulation for cybersecurity (covered by VMASC/ODU), intrusion detection systems using SNORT, and virtualization infrastructure using MiniMega. The students also took part in professional development and networking activities organized by the Undergraduate Summer Research Programs at the College of Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET), including graduate school preparation and application, research presentations and reports.
Evaluation by an external evaluator concluded that the survey results collected by the participants suggested that NSU Summer Internship yielded outcomes that were very much in line with the COE's objectives. Participants' feedback pertaining the Summer Internship was mostly very positive, participants often reported "enjoying the internship, learning, wanting to participate again, and having fun."