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Continuing Education Units


At Norfolk State University, the Continuing Education mission is to provide outreach services and educational opportunities for traditional and non-traditional young students as well as adults. Adults are generally defined as those persons working on a career path for recertification, retraining or simply self-enrichment.

CEU Units

A Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is defined as: Ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction and qualified instruction.

The CEU may be used for measurement, recording, reporting the accumulation of experiences, and for recognition of participation of adults in programs that have seldom recorded in a formal or systematic way. The CEU can be applied to professional, vocational retraining, adult liberal education, as well as to other continuing education programs.


Advantages of the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) are:

  •   Documents continued learning experiences
  •    Incentives for advanced training
  •    Educational programs promoting "Life-Long Learning"
  •    Affiliation with an accredited institution of higher learning

Maintenance and Availability

A permanent record of participation is maintained by Continuing Education for each individual to whom CEU's are awarded. Cumulative records of all CEU's earned by each participant will be available for issue as an official statement or transcript upon request by the participant.

Registration and Fees

Prior to the learning experience, each organization requesting evaluation for CEU credit(s) must provide Norfolk State University with the following:

  • Purpose and intended learning outcomes
  • Requirements for satisfactory completion
  • Content description and level, format, instructional methodology
  • Instructor's resume
  • Time schedule showing contact hours


Fees are in increments of $15 in accordance with hours of instruction and any fraction thereof:
Up to 1.0 CEU = $15
1.1 to 2.0 CEU's = $30
Example: 1.4 CEU's = $30

Awarding the CEU

One CEU is awarded for each ten (10) contact hours of instruction. The number of complete instructional hours is considered in assigning CEU's. For example, 1.7 CEU's are assigned for a learning experience with a total of 17, or 17.75 instructional contact hours.