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Wayne Andrews

Mr. Wayne Andrews Mr. Wayne Andrews
Tel: 757-823-2890
Room: RTC 310 G

Wayne Andrews received his M.A. in Business Management from Webster University in 1982 and his B.S. with honors from Alabama A&M University in 1977. He is a graduate of the US Army Computer Science School. He retired as a Major in the Army in 1994 and joined the NSU family that same year. He is currently Chairman of the Village Church Trustee Ministry. He was the 2006 Volunteer of the Year in Education at First Colonial High School and the 2006 Virginia Beach PTA City Wide Volunteer of the Year in Education. He developed the first online and hybrid courses (CSC 150) in the Computer Science Department. He is an NSU Certified Online Instructor (COI), LERN Certified Online Instructor and currently teaches CSC 150 courses.

Research Interests:
     •   Cryptology
     •   Information Privacy
     •   Data Collection

Courses Taught:
     •   CSC150 Computer Literacy

Curriculum Vitae