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Departmental Activities

Department of Chemistry
Chemistry Department Research

  • Establishing an alternative approach for the development of male anti-fertility compounds and synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles for biomedical applications [Dr. Joseph Hall].
  • Synthesis and investigation of organic and polymeric materials for electronic, photonic, magnetic, and energy applications [Dr. Sam Sun].
  • Application of computational chemistry in investigations of the structure and properties of materials with promising electronic and photonic properties [Dr. Suely Black]
  • Non-linear optical properties of organic polymers, lasers [Dr. Carl Bonner]
  • Synthesis and characterization of bioactive protease inhibitors, with particular interest in bioactive organosilanes [Dr. Wondwossen Arasho]
  • Synthesis and characterization of biomimetic macrocyclic receptors [Dr. Wondwossen Arasho]