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CAAmPP is committed to educating the public about policies that affect and involve the African American communities in Virgnia and beyond. Explore the articles and events below and never miss a CAAmPP update by signing up for our newsletter

  • Executive Briefs: Voter Suppression

    - Voter suppression has haunted our polity since the ratification of the 15th Amendment in 1870. It is obvious why this is a matter of public policy, a great deal of which is made within the halls of state legislatures and the United States Congress.

  • Executive Briefs: A Treatise on Policing

    - We have been given so many reasons why police reform is a lost cause, at least in the short run. However, the killings of African Americans at the hands of the police sometimes, back-to-back-to-back, have not abated.

  • Executive Briefs: Before 1776, There Was 1619

    - History, we have been told, is supposed to inform us of the past in order to help us predict the future. Thus, the logic goes: if we fail to learn from history, we risk repeating the mistakes of the past. Hence, by default, how and what we learn from history, is central to the formulation of public policy given that one of the primary responsibilities of policymakers is to make sure we do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

  • Executive Briefs: Reintroducing CAAmPP

    - Some of you already know us and have been following our work, while others are learning about us for the first time. Whichever group you find yourself, on behalf of the Center for African American Public Policy (CAAmPP), we thank you for your patronage. Read more.

  • Childcare and Early Education in Virginia

    - Virginia's current early childhood education and childcare statues are limited to ensuring compliance with safety regulations and do not support the development of affordable, high-quality childcare preschool programs across the state. Read the full white paper here.

  • USAA funds CAAmPP Research Scholars Program

    - Through a charitable grant funded by the United Services Automobile Associations' (USAA) Racial Equity Initiative, research will be collected to provide a fuller understanding of how findings can become Public Policy.

  • Workforce Development for Offshore Wind

    - The Greater Hampton Roads region can be a powerful source of workforce recruitment because of the varying options based on education, workforce experience and age.

  • Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies releases report

    - The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies released “Racial Diversity Among Top Staff in Senate Personal Offices”. This report provides evidence regarding the lack of racial diversity among U.S. Senate personal office top staff positions.

  • U.S. Senate Debate

    - The U.S. Senate Debate will be streamed Saturday, October 3rd and air Monday, October 5th on WAVY-TV 10. 

  • Town Hall Series: U.S. Senator Tim Kaine

    - Special guest United States Senator Tim Kaine discusses the War Powers Act. Presented by the Center for African American Public Policy and the College of Liberal Arts.

  • Town Hall Series: U.S. Senator Mark Warner & Congressman Bobby Scott

    - Town Hall Series: U.S. Senator Mark Warner & Congressman Bobby Scott