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Cyberpsychology @ NSU

Cyberpsychology @ NSU is the result of the national progression of cross-cutting research collaboration between psychological and computer scientists who seek to better understand the human element that drives the entire technological fabric that seems to dictate how our world operates.

As a contributor to the Center of Excellence in Cyber Security at Norfolk State University, Cyberpsychology enjoys a unique place within the university's Cybersecurity Research Complex a multipurpose research and training facility located at the McDemmond Center for Applied Research (MCAR), housed across the street from NSU's main campus, just minutes away from downtown Norfolk, VA.

The Research Complex, and therefore the Cyberpsychology research suite, has dedicated capabilities for social, behavioral, and STEM research with the distinct purpose of advancing the scientific understanding of human functioning and behavior as a result of human-computer interaction, computer-mediated communication, and technology's influence on everyday life.

CASE Workshop 2017

June 7 - 8 2017 @ Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA (USA)

The 2017 CASE (Cyber Analysis, Simulation and Experimentation) Workshop will provide a platform for researchers and practitioners from academia, government and industry to discuss current advances in cyber psychology research and education. The workshop will provide a forum centered upon the need to advance science of security to generate/adapt psychology/criminology theories/models to cybersecurity. There is a lack of theories and models of user behavior in cyber environments to allow security solutions to classify user intent and capability, predict how users will react to certain stimuli and induce mitigating adversarial behavior. Security solutions will benefit from models of human behavior interacting with security systems which will provide insights into estimating impact of attack, attack objectives, appropriate response taken by defender, and predict future behavior. The workshop will provide participants insight into state-of-the art research at the intersection of psychology, forensics, sociology, modeling and cyber security.