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Dr. Janira Teague

Dr. Janira Teague
Assistant Professor of History
Office: Brown 211.06


Expertise: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries African American history, black migration and immigration, early Twentieth Century Harlem
Interests: social movements, citizenship and race and ethnicity, women’s history Caribbean history, American history within a global context
Courses: U.S. History Since 1865, African American History to 1865

Bio: Dr. Teague is an Assistant Professor at Norfolk State University in the department of History and Interdisciplinary Studies. She holds a master’s degree in African American Studies and a doctorate in History from UCLA.  She is currently working on a manuscript based on her dissertation titled “I, too, am America: African American and Afro-Caribbean Identity, Citizenship, and Migrations to New York City, 1830s-1930s.” Her manuscript-in-progress contextualizes the concurrent migrations in the early twentieth century of African American Southerners and Afro-Caribbean colonists to the Harlem community of New York City, which housed one of the most conspicuous as well as ethnically and culturally diverse black populations in the country.

You can find her work in the Journal of African American History. She is contributing to the Biographical Database of Black Woman Suffragists.

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