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Dr. Adrienne R. Washington

Dr. Adrienne R. Washington
Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Office: Brown 211.08

Expertise: Sociocultural linguistics (Language, culture, and social life); Contact linguistics (Language history, contact and change); Africana studies; Latin American and Caribbean studies; Afro-American language and culture (Language use among Black communities in the U.S. and Brazil)

Courses: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, Principles of Interdisciplinary Studies, Approaches to Critical Analysis, Foundations of Research in Interdisciplinary Studies, Language & Society, and African American Language & Culture

Bio: Dr. Adrienne R. Washington earned a BA in Spanish at Hampton University (2007) and an MA in linguistics at the University of Pittsburgh (2010). She completed her doctorate in linguistics with a concentration in sociolinguistics at the University of Pittsburgh (2016), where she also obtained the Doctoral Level Certificate in African Studies and the Advanced Study Certificate for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

Washington specializes in sociocultural linguistics and focuses primarily on Africana speech communities in the Americas through the broad themes of intercultural contact, language ideology, and social identity. Her dissertation research explored the learning and redevelopment of Yoruba linguistic practices in Northeastern Brazil, where Blackness, African heritage, nationhood and related spiritual identities are mediated through the study and use of Yoruba language.

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