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Ahmasi O'Daniel

Ahmasi K. O'Daniel, M.A.
Instructor of English
229 Madison Hall
(757) 823-8891

Expertise: Cultural Materialism, Critical Race Theory, Critical Theory

Interests: A majority of my research focuses on European and American constructions of racial hierarchies within Early Modern Africa, Post-Colonial Africa, the Antebellum Period, The Black Arts Movement, The Black Revolution, The Civil Rights Movement, the Cold War, and the 21st century conflict between the Military Industrial Complex and Islam. Specifically, my research explores the homogenization and dehumanizing of African personae and the media strategies through which stereotypes can maintained and what resistance and imperialist traditions have developed as a result. Some scholars whose publications have helped me on this journey are Dr. Maya Angelou, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Paulo Friere, N'Gugi Wa' Thiango, Edward Said, Emily Bartels, Thomas Cartelli, Jonathan Dollimore, Dr. Alison Reed, and Dr. Imtiaz Habib.

Courses Taught: English Composition