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Program Opportunities

Program Opportunities

The Spartan Promise to Persist (SP3) program is a residential experience for all classifications of students demonstrating an academic and financial need. The program is designed to provide students with the resources, skills, and strategies to be successful. The program will assist students with:

  • Campus support systems
  • Self-efficacy and awareness
  • Understanding and identifying their academic and career goals
  • Engagement in campus life and leadership
  • Campus community involvement​

SP3 is four-weeks for incoming freshmen and sophomore students and and six-weeks for NSU juniors and seniors .

The Academic Learning Opportunities are four-week programs designed to assist students with enhancing their understanding of concepts and topics for designated subjects, in addition to providing mentoring support and connecting with faculty.

  • Biology
    Two program sections, one for first-year student, and one for upper class students focused on solving biological programs and assist students with the mechanics of basic lab skills.  
  • Chemistry
    Four-week program to enhance students’ ability to learn chemistry concepts and interpret and solve word problems requiring application of mathematics and chemistry.  
  • English
    Enhances reading and writing skill development for students in VCAN and incoming freshman.
  • Honors College (Virtual)
    Assist incoming first-year students with understanding college expectations, campus resources to support their success, explore and identify their major, and develop digital skills.​​ 
  • Mathematics 
    Four-week program consisting of mini mathematical topics according to the level of each student to enhance their understanding of a variety of mathematical topics.  
  • Social Work (Virtual) 
    Increase students’ knowledge about the social work profession and develop appropriate study strategies.