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Music Cluster

Music Cluster Learning Community

A First-year Learning Community 

The Music Cluster Learning Community (LC) will provide a space and structure for freshmen music majors to coalesce around a shared goal of academic success. The Music Cluster LC will connect the students with professors, peers, organizations, systems, and high-impact activities, which include academic advising, mentoring, tutoring, service learning, and cultural enrichment field trips. The high-impact activities will ensure positive learning outcomes across boundaries, while holding students accountable to a common agenda. The Music Cluster LC will enable music majors to share results, learn from each other, and improve their ability to progress and succeed academically and socially.


  • Fall 2020             MUS 140 & MUS 121B
  • Spring 2021         MUS 141 & MUS 145

Residence Hall

Contact Information

Anne Neikirk​