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Distinguished Faculty Award for Scholarship

The recipient of this award is recognized as an outstanding scholar, as scholarship is defined in his/her discipline.  The individual should have demonstrated a pattern of productive scholarly activity which has been recognized nationally or internationally, as appropriate.  Traditional research, creative endeavors and other scholarly activity are included in this category.

Nomination of faculty may be made by anyone except one’s self, and should be made directly to the chairperson of the faculty member’s department.

In addition, the chairperson of each department is urged to review all faculty members in the department each year and make appropriate nominations. The chairperson will prepare a thoroughly documented recommendation and forward it to the school faculty awards committee. (In the case where the faculty member to be nominated is a department chair, the nomination should be made directly to the Dean, who will be responsible for preparing the documented recommendation and forwarding it to the school faculty awards committee.

This nominee should be considered by the committee in the same manner as nominees from chairs.) To assist those preparing materials, nomination packages from previous years will be kept on file in Office of Academic Affairs for review by interested persons.  Form