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Scheduling Training

- Do not schedule or attend individual or group training until you have been notified via email by that your permissions have been set.

- Training cannot be scheduled 1 to 2 working days from the current day.  This gives me time to ready for the training session and ensure I have enough time to work on current assignments already in queue. 

See below for information on Individual and Group training. 

Individual Training Workflow

Here is the established workflow for scheduling individual training sessions.

  • Prerequisites

    Debbie Lyn Jones, Information Technology Manager I, holds individual hands-on training in the Office of Communications and Marketing, Harrison B. Wilson Hall, Suite 346. Each session is 1 hour long. 

    Users must already have permissions set for Kentico, the NSU Website Content Management System.

  • Step One

    Submit a form for NSU Website Editor / Contributor assignment.  There is a 3 day turnaround time for having permissions set. 

  • Step Two

    Once permissions have been set, you will receive an email notification from Debbie Jones.  A link will be provide to the Training Calendar

    • Please login using your NSU userid and password if prompted
  • Step Three

    Look over the Training Calendar  - log using your NSU userid/password.

    Please schedule your meeting or training sessions atleast 2 days in advance.

    • You want to click the day (click on the date in the upper corner of the little grid for that day). 
    • Give the system a minute to pull up that page into view. 
    • Looking for a 1 hour open
    • Go to Step Four


  • Step Four

    Open your Microsoft Calendar, select the date and time and create an appointment.

    • Add
    • Schedule it for 1 hour, for 1 person (you)
    • Location:   Office of Communications and Marketing, Harrison B. Wilson Hall, Suite 346.
  • Step Five

    Please bring the following:

    • May 2018 Newsletter printed off - see Newsletters in this site
    • Edits to make


    If you need to change the time/date, please look at the Training Schedule again, and open your Outlook to change the date or time.

Group Training Workflow

Here is the established workflow for scheduling group training sessions.

  • Group Training

    David Booker holds group training in various locations on campus. 

    • Contact David Booker at for group training sessions.
    • All attendees are required to have their permissions set in advance.