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Website Guidelines

NSU Website Guidelines​

Guidelines Statement
These guidelines apply to all Norfolk State University websites signified by the domain name "" or within the range of Internet protocol addresses assigned to Norfolk State University.  Each department is responsible for ensuring that its website(s) remain compliant with these and other required related policies, standards and guidelines.

The purpose of these guidelines are to establish and encourage greater efficiencies in the use of technology to accomplish government business and emphasize a common mission in promoting the program and goals of Norfolk State University.


Website Proficiency Guidelines and Rubric
This document focuses on the website guidelines that relate to best practices for the Norfolk State University Website. The related document is the Web Evaluation Rubric.

NSU Website Template Guidelines
These guidelines were developed to assist users in orienting themselves to the "one" design approach to NSU web sites at  Applicable provisions are built into the template, but each department will be responsible for ensuring that any new content added to the site remains compliant with the Web Site Standard and the Accessibility Standard.

VITA Website GuidElines

VITA Accessibility Standards
The purpose of this Standard is to provide Agencies with the minimum accessibility requirements for the procurement, development, or maintenance of electronic and information technology systems. The requirements are designed to make web content and functionality accessible to people with disabilities.