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How to Open a Ticket

Who May Request NSU Website Changes?

Persons who are assigned Content Editors or Contributors may request changes to the websites they are assigned to. By default, the department head are also allowed to send in changes for their websites.  Only 1 Content Editor and 1 Content Editor may be assigned.  They each are required to be current NSU Faculty or Staff.  

Opening a Ticket​

Tickets are required for all requests for support. This includes troubleshooting, requests for assistance and etc. Please use the email address: .

Information required:

  • Location of requested change (full website address)
  • Is this a:  Change – Addition – Deletion – Request for Troubleshooting?
  • Additional information specific to the request

State Policy Compliance

Website request changes may not be taken over the phone or via *meetings.  These changes are required to come from the official NSU email address for the assigned Content Editor or Contributor.

Information Required for each change request in order to be compliant with the State Records Retention Policy for database system changes:

  • The location
  • Type of change
  • Description in email specifically from the Editor, Contributor or Department Head. 

Referencing another email with a "See below" does not fit the criteria. Nor does an email from a 2nd party, saying "See below" and the request from the Editor and Contributor being down in the body of the email.  The specific request is required to be from the Editor or Contributor and be within their potion of the email. 

* Requests via Meetings
Requests via meetings will only be done for high level meetings. However, the workflow will be as such:

  • Notes taken during the meeting will be transcribed and sent back to the group for confirmation.
  • Only once confirmation has been completed > will the sender begin working on the task. 


The state requires that each request hae a clear beginning and end date.  Any request which takes over 3 working days, then becomes a project.  I am unable to start on a request until all pieces of the request have been received. 

  • Each request will be reviewed to ensure the request is understood and all documents have been received.
  • Requests may not be piecemealed. Tickets are only opened once all parts of the ticket have been received. 
  • All requests are placed in a ticket queue and given a priority level
  • Once the request has been completed, the requester will receive a notification
  • Files (.doc, .pdf, .xls, videos, audio, photos)

  • Files need to either be attached or sent to via 
  • All content which is part of the request is required to be submitted by the Editor, Contributor or Department Head


  • Tasks are not shared between the Web Team members.  
  • Both Debbie Jones and David Booker report to Stevalynn Adams
  • Any request you make to one or the other - will mean that they work on your request and will be your point of contact for the ticket in queue.
  • Once a ticket is opened > any requests coming after will be a new ticket. This is why it is important to review your request prior to sending.   I receive a large amount of email requests per day and there might be 10 or so requests coming in between the time you send your first reqeust and then send a second one - to add to the last one.  The 2nd one will go into a new ticket, behind the other requests which arrived - unless it is of a higher priority than the other requests. 

Please direct all questions to the person who opened your ticket and worked on your request. If David is out of the office, please contact me and I will look in the system and try to backtrack the request or issue through versioning and log entries.

Using Proper Language w/ Requests

​Ensure your request is complete.

You must specifically request A, B or C in order for A, B or C to be included in the ticket.


  • Create a new page > and name it:_________
  • Change the top navigation > from – and - to
  • Change the side navigation > from – and - to
  • Convert the file from .doc to a .pdf  

* Editing .doc or .pdf content is not a service offered.

  • Banner:  The banner is the top large graphic (image) on the webpage
  • Browser: The application you use in order to view websites within the World Wide Web
  • Content:  Content is the text, images and files which populate a webpage
  • File:  File formats used on the NSU Website:  .doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf
  • Footer:  A footer is the box of information at the bottom of the page. It generally includes links and/or contact information
  • Header:  The header is the top of the webpage
  • http:  This is an unsecure website or web based application
  • https:  This is a secure website or web based application
  • Image:  Image formats used on the NSU Website is:  .png, .gif, .jpg
  • Inline Frames: Pulling content in through a window coded in the webpage (not allowed)
  • Left Navigation:  The navigation to the left side of the content.
  • Link:  A link is text or an image which is connected and calling upon > another website - file or image
  • Multimedia:  Videos, flash animation or audio files
  • Navigation:  Top navigation > is at the top and Left or Right navigation is to the left or the right.
  • Tab:  A tab indicates your browser page  - or - is the curved square on the side of a file folder
  • URL:  This is your website address in the browser address bar (Uniform Resource Locator)
  • Web Design:  The look and feel of your website, as well as arrangement of your content. This can include web graphics and editing.
  • Web Development:  This is the coding behind the scenes, including scripts and programming
  • Webpage:  A webpage is a page within an individual website
  • Website:  A website is an individual website within the main Norfolk State University website ​

Online Forms and Surveys

Any online form or survey created by the Office of Communications and Marketing are specific to our department and/or campaigns.

Online forms and surveys are web-based applications.   Please contact Janice Smith, the Web Application Manager in OIT. 

Services Offered

Please send requests to Use the instructions above to send me your requested changes.

Websites and Webpages

  • ​​Archive - Remove a file or web page from live
  • A-Z Index - Request a web page be added to the A-Z Index
  • Convert a .doc to a fillable pdf / or / pdf to a fillable pdf
  • Creating a new webpage / or website
  • Deleting a webpage or file - webpages are archived for 30 days and then deleted​
  • Moving a webpage - that is in a tiered hiearchy
  • Moving a website - please be aware this needs approval and I must plan this out in advance.
  • Multimedia - Audio and Video files posted to the NSU Website.  Contact me first for the requirements. 
  • New Website - I will need a Website Content Editor and Contributor form
  • Permissions - for Kentico - only for assigned Website Content Editors and Contributors
  • Publishing - While I do publishing reviews as items come in > please let me be aware if something needs urgent attention.
  • Rename existing webpage / or website​
  • Searchability Fix - Contact me if you find your website is not being found easily
  • Short website address / or / vanity website - web page address
  • Training - Contact me for hands-on training for Kentico.
  • Troubleshooting - I will need a screenshot and information regarding the issue

Services Not Offered

Please send questions to

  • Archiving content or files NOT for use on the NSU Webite (live status) > please use the O drive
  • Audio transcripts for Audio files > these are required prior to placing your audio file online
  • Closed captioning videos > please place on YouTube and use the Close Caption tool.
  • Design - The NSU Website has 3 templates:  Main Page / Audience & Landing Page / Department web page.  These templates are hard coded and we are not able to cusomize or revise them. 
  • Customizations - We have 3 set templates and are not able to offer customizations. 
  • Editing - Video, audio or other multimedia editing > please contact the correct office
  • Editing Files such as .docs, pdfs, .xls, pdfs.
  • Email address creation or groups (or modifications). Contact OIT Client Services
  • Embedded Coding - With exception of videos, we do not embed coding unless it is onbehalf of a vendor based application.  Please talk to me (Debbie) in advance, since not allow coding works or works with our template. 
  • Migration of website from a .com or department server.  Please meet with me to discuss.
  • Online forms or surveys > contact OIT through Client Services
  • Photo galleries > You will need to have the assigned Content Editor and Contributor first send the photos to Debbie Jones for approval. The Editor/Contributor will then stack them w/ image descriptions below the photos. We cannot create or embed photo galleries. 
  • Streaming live > please contact Courtney Mitchell
  • Taking photos > please contact Stevalynn Adams
  • Website Content Edits which are routine in nature - Only send emergency updates, specifically when the assigned Content Editor or Contributor is not reachable
  • Website Design / Website Design Migration > all NSU Websites are required to use the same Department theme.  Please to not source out your website design