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Making Requests


Opening a Ticket

In order to ensure accuracy as well as quick turn-around time , please use the below format for all change requests and send to me at

This provides me 3 important pieces of information:  Where, What and How.

  1. Location:  Website address of requested change
  2. Type of request:  Change -- Addition -- Deletion -- or Troubleshooting
  3. Description:  Additional information specific to the request

Types of Tickets

State policy requires that all requests are either to be made via NSU Email or that a signed form be presented.

  • Change Requests


    Audience or Landing Page Changes

    Please see *this page to determine if the page is an Audience Page or Landing page - send these changes to David Booker,

    * If prompted, use your NSU Userid/Password to log in.

    Website Change Requests

    Please see the NSU Website Content Editor and Contributor Listing in order to forward your request to the assignees for this website.  



    New pages, redirects, loading files to folders, etc - send to me.  Please see the section on Services Offered for more clarification.

    If you are not sure, send your request to to be reviewed.

  • New Page Requests

    New Page Requests

    There is a page limit as well as restrictions on page types- see NSU Website Guidelines

    Send new page requests to me ( with the following:

    • Location:  Website address of requested change
    • Type of request:  New web page
    • Description:  Indicate where you want the web page in relationship to the other pages (i.e. under this, above this, etc) // Do not forget the include the page name


    - Request is sent and reviewed 
    - Blank page is created by the NSU Webmaster
    - The requestor is notified
    - The page will be in a DRAFT status - which is indicate by a red circle and white x
    - Edit the page as normal
    - Submit when ready

    Note:  The page will not display on the left navigation until it is live.


  • Rename or Remove a Page or File

    Remove a Page or File

    Send your request to  

    • Location (website address)
    • Indicate this is either a page/file rename or removal (archival)

    To unarchive your page:

    • An archived page will have a gray circle icon indicator

    • The Editor or Contributor would simply need to EDIT the page > which places it in a DRAFT status.  When a page is in a DRAFT status (red circle w/ white x) the page will not display on the left navigation - until the page is published.

      Please be aware there is a turn-around time for archiving a page or file.  All requests go into a ticket queue.



  • Request Workflow

    Ticket Workflow

    • Ticket is received and reviewed
    • If all of the information is within the email, a ticket will be opened in the OTRS Ticket System
    • If information is missing, the sender will be notified via email which information needs to be provided
    • The ticket will not be opened until all of the information has been received.
    • Once the ticket is opened, the requestor will be notified
    • All tickets are taken in the order by which they are received unless they are high level
    • Once the ticket is closed, the requestor will be notified.

    Please provide:

    - Location of the change
    - Denote if this is a:  Change - Addition - Deletion - Request for Troubleshooting
    - Add a description -- this could be the location of the change on the page, if you want your .doc converted to a .pdf (or fillable pdf), and etc.

    It is important to add details to your request to ensure I understand your request and am able to carry it out as requested.  The state requires that I request clarification through email, to add it to the ticket so there is documentation of changes to our database system.


Points of Contact

See below for where you would send your website request.

  • Troubleshooting

    Send requests for Troubleshooting to

    • Please do not call, instead send a screenshot
    • Also provide information on what you did or tried
    • Send information about the error

    A ticket will be opened and placed in queue.  

  • Recommended Changes


    Recommended Changes Regarding Links - send to

    • Changes to the Sitemap (A-Z Index)
    • Changes to the search results
    • Changes to file names or page names
    • Issues locating content
    • Broken links or misspellings
    • Content layout

    Recommended Changes Regarding Design - send to 

    • Design recommendations
    • Links on the main page of the NSU Website at




  • Website & System Administration

    Requests for Debbie Jones -


    • Department Website questions/assistance
    • System questions or issues (troubleshooting)
    • Website analytics 
    • Permissions to the website content management system
    • Forms for permissions to the website content management system
    • Remove / Add / Delete / Undelete / Move -- pages, files or imageS
    • A-Z Index or Contact Us

    * For new pages - see Opening a Ticket above

  • News, Events, Audience & Landing Pages

    David Booker -


    Click here to see a list of Audience & Landing Pages

    • Audience pages - the long images linked on the main website
    • Landing pages - landing pages are high level pages usually linked to the Audience pages