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Student Life

Student services and activities include changes to building operations, environmental adjustments and occupancy/capacity to promote appropriate physical/social distancing and programming, including the following:

  • Residential Housing phased move-in, COVID-19 guidelines for living with others.
  • Spartan Health Center (757-278-3360): all visits by appointment (including nurse visits), prior to visit telephone COVID-19 screening and registration, temperature screening each visit; use of telemedicine appointments whenever possible, no walk-ins, only patients allowed in the waiting room.

    Students with respiratory symptoms, fever, Covid 19-like symptoms will have telehealth visits and in person testing to reduce risk to well patients. Please contact the Health Center Annex (757-278-4129) for an appointment if you are having sore throat, flu-like or covid-19- like illness.
  • University Counseling Services: including onsite and telemedicine appointments, assessment, treatment delivery, psychoeducation, supervision, and consultation.
  • Recreational Sports: adjusted hours for mid-day cleanings, no contact or team-based sports initially and continuation of eSports (organized video games) and virtual fitness options.

    Continuation of eSports and virtual fitness options will be offered during the semester.   Hours for building services and cleaning will be adjusted as needed.  Currently, no contact sports or team-based sports will be scheduled, as we will continue to adhere to required safety mandates.
  • Student Center and Activities: modified hours, no large fall events.
  • Dining: no self-serve, eat-in with physical/social distancing, take-out orders, mobile ordering and contactless payment options.
  • Libraries: modified hours for cleaning and disinfecting, and modified seating for physical/social distancing.